KASE Square Holder K100II + Graduaded ND 0.9 Filter (Wolverine Series): A Review

KASE K100II Square Holder
KASE GNC Graduaded Soft 0.9 Filter
Some weeks ago Lu from KASE factory/China contacted me if I would be interested in testing the new KASE filter holder combined with a 150mmx100mm graduaded ND 0.9 filter from the new Wolverine series. I told her that I used the Haida 100×100 filter system until today and that I didn`t join the Lee and Nisi boom yet.
It needed 5 days from China to Germany until I hold the holder, filter and different adapters for different lenses in my hands.
It is a high end series of a square holder and filters. KASE is still developing new filters for professional claims and I just can write about this new one of the WOLVERINE Series.
The square holder is an aluminium based stable system that gives you the best handling on your lense. Combined with the adapters (62mm – 82mm) sits strong on the thread of the lense and it is very easy to change the position of the filter. The construction is strong enough for heavy glas from 100x100mm to 150x100mm.
The graduaded soft ND 0.9 filter is a massive glas construction that gives you a maximum of image quality. Colors remain very natural, I see no loose of sharpness and contrasts along the whole image. I saw very slight vignetting but I am sure it was caused by the Haida ND 1.8 that was spined-on the lense for a longer exposure time. All in all the filter is fantastic in handling and optical capacity.
The most exiting thing about the WOLVERINE SERIES ist, that KASE guaranteed unbreakable glas. Up to 1,50 meters for 6 to 8 times the filter will not brake. This may be something new within the filter market.
Finally, this is a big recommendation for all who are looking for professional camera equipment. The square holder and filters are optimized for big lenses on DSLR and bigger mirrorless systems. I tested the holder on my Fujinon XF 16-55 f/2.8 LM WR lense with a diameter of 77mm. This lense is one of the biggest for the Fuji X system.
For further informations feel free to contact me: thorns@hotmail.de


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